• AEB、 ACC 、LKA and TJA System
  • Intelligent Cabin System
  • Multifunctional Video Domain System
  • APA

Relying on the analysis of vehicle movement and road environment, MINIEYE is able to control vehicles, realizing L2 autonomous driving functions, including AEB、ACC、LKA and TJA, on highway and main roads

In order to judge fatigue driving, distractive driving and other dangerous behaviors in the cabin, our intelligent cabin system is able to realize in-time monitor of gazing direction, facial expression and body movement of passengers and drivers.

With an aim to create brand new interactive driving experience, the system integrates AR-Navi, AR-HUD, virtual rearview mirror and recognition of voice, gesture, body movement and heart rate.

Through optimizing neural network, multifunctional video domain system makes it possible for the integration of various functions, including ADAS, AEB, DMS, AVM, BDS and APA, on one automotive-grade chip, greatly improving the cost performance of our products.

Our automatic parking system helps vehicles to park by sensing available parking space with surround-view camera and ultrasonic radar.